Module Js

module Js: sig .. end
This library provides bindings and necessary support for JS FFI. It contains all bindings into Js namespace.
        [| 1;2;3;4|]
        |> (fun x -> x + 1 )
        |> Js.Array.reduce (+) 0
        |> Js.log

type +'a t 
Js object type.
        let x : < x : int ; y : int > Js.t =
            [%obj{ x = 1 ; y = 2}]
type +'a null 
nullable, value of this type can be either null or 'a this type is the same as type t in Js.Null
type +'a undefined 
value of this type can be either undefined or 'a this type is the same as type t in Js.Undefined
type +'a nullable 
value of this type can be undefined, null or 'a this type is the same as type t n Js.Null_undefined
type 'a null_undefined = 'a nullable 
val toOption : 'a nullable -> 'a option
val undefinedToOption : 'a undefined -> 'a option
val nullToOption : 'a null -> 'a option
val test : 'a nullable -> bool
val isNullable : 'a nullable -> bool
val testAny : 'a -> bool
The same as Js.test except that it is more permissive on the types of input
type (+'a, +'e) promise 
Deprecated. please use Js.Promise
The promise type, defined here for interoperation across packages
val null : 'a null

The same as empty in Js.Null will be compiled as null
val undefined : 'a undefined

The same as empty Js.Undefined will be compiled as undefined
val typeof : 'a -> string

typeof x will be compiled as typeof x in JS Please consider functions in Js.Types for a type safe way of reflection
val log : 'a -> unit
val log2 : 'a -> 'b -> unit
val log3 : 'a -> 'b -> 'c -> unit
val log4 : 'a -> 'b -> 'c -> 'd -> unit
val logMany : 'a array -> unit
A convenience function to log everything

A convenience function to log more than 4 arguments
val eqNull : 'a -> 'a null -> bool
val eqUndefined : 'a -> 'a undefined -> bool
val eqNullable : 'a -> 'a nullable -> bool
val unsafe_lt : 'a -> 'a -> bool

unsafe_lt a b will be compiled as a < b. It is marked as unsafe, since it is impossible to give a proper semantics for comparision which applies to any type
val unsafe_le : 'a -> 'a -> bool

unsafe_le a b will be compiled as a <= b. See also Js.unsafe_lt
val unsafe_gt : 'a -> 'a -> bool

unsafe_gt a b will be compiled as a > b. See also Js.unsafe_lt
val unsafe_ge : 'a -> 'a -> bool

unsafe_ge a b will be compiled as a >= b. See also Js.unsafe_lt
module Null: Js_null

Provide utilities around 'a null
module Undefined: Js_undefined

Provide utilities around Js.undefined
module Nullable: Js_null_undefined

Provide utilities around Js.null_undefined
module Null_undefined: Js_null_undefined
module Exn: Js_exn

Provide utilities for dealing with Js exceptions
module Array: Js_array

Provide bindings to Js array
module String: Js_string

Provide bindings to JS string
module Re: Js_re

Provide bindings to Js regex expression
module Promise: Js_promise

Provide bindings to JS promise
module Date: Js_date

Provide bindings for JS Date
module Dict: Js_dict

Provide utilities for JS dictionary object
module Global: Js_global

Provide bindings to JS global functions in global namespace
module Json: Js_json

Provide utilities for json
module Math: Js_math

Provide bindings for JS Math object
module Obj: Js_obj

Provide utilities for Js.t
module Typed_array: Js_typed_array

Provide bindings for JS typed array
module Types: Js_types
module Float: Js_float
Provide utilities for manipulating JS types
module Int: Js_int
Provide utilities for JS float

Provide utilities for int
module Option: Js_option

Provide utilities for option
module Result: Js_result

Define the interface for result
module List: Js_list

Provide utilities for list
module Vector: Js_vector
module Console: Js_console