Libraries shipped with BuckleScript

BuckleScript is mostly a compiler, but it does ship some libraries for users' convenience

4 libraries

Js This library are mostly bindings to JS, it should work with both NodeJS and Browser. It is strongly recommended to use qualified name instead of flatten module name. For example
    [| 1; 2 ; 3 |] 
    |> (fun x -> x + 1 )
    |> Js.log 
Belt The BuckleScript standard library (beta). BuckleScript also ships the vanilla OCaml standard library.
  • See also OCaml standard library Node This library contains bindings to NodeJS, it is still work in progress, use it with care, and we may break API backward compatiblity in the future. Dom This library are for DOM API, currently it only defines some types for diferent packages to talk to each other