BuckleScript is a backend for OCaml which emits readable, modular and highly performant JavaScript.

Developer experience

BuckleScript probably has the fastest JavaScript compiler.The compiler is compiled to both native code and JavaScript, users can try the compiler in the browser and imagine how fast it would be for native backend.

Integration with existing JavaScript libraries

BuckleScript is one of the very few compilers which compiles an existing typed language to readable JavaScript. It has the same characteristics of typescript: one OCaml module compiled into one JavaScript module (AMDJS, CommonJS, or Google module) without name mangling.

It’s OCaml !

  • 30 years distilled research in PL and amazing effort of compiler engineering

  • Native backends: AMD64, IA32, PowerPC, ARM, SPARC

  • Language based OS: Mirage Unikernel


npm install -g bs-platform